RDF Twig

RDF Twig version 0.95 works with Saxon 6.x, Saxon 8.x, Xalan 2.6.x, and Jena 2.x.

RDF Twig is a set of XSLT extension functions for Saxon and Xalan to provide access to RDF graphs stored in the Jena repository.

The documentation, such as it is, was my paper submission to the Extreme Markup Languages conference in 2003. It was accepted and presented on 07 Aug 2003. (That presentation is plain, simple HTML. The version actually presented looks more like the PDF version.)

The JavaDoc is online and the software is available from the project pages.

Fair warning: the Saxon code is reasonably stable, but the Xalan code is, well, uhm, pretty much untested. Bug reports welcome. Fixes even more so. :-)

For more information, contact Norman Walsh.

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